Saturday, 19 March 2005


Talking about the law; I am delighted about the extent of the smoking ban in Scotland. I only wish it would start sooner. There are other surprising new laws I didn't know about: The Civil Partnership Act 2004 which allows marriages for homosexual couples in all but name and the excellent Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Act 2005 which makes it unlawful for anyone to stop someone feeding a child milk in a public place or licensed premises.
There are a number of bills and regulations I would put forward if I were ever to be an MP, SMP or, better still, dictator:
The Print Media (Unnecessary Disclosure of Age) Prohibition Bill
The Personal Hygiene (Facilitating Provisions) Bill
The Personal Hygiene (Provision of Accessible Washing Facilities in Restaurants and Similar Establishments) Regulations
The Personal Hygiene (Provision of Water in Public Water Closets) Regulations
The Personal Hygiene (Direction of Door Opening in Public Sanitary Conveniences and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations
The Use of English Bill
The Use of English (Misuse of Apostrophe and Plural Forms (Fines and Offences)) Regulations
The Use of English (Use of Tired and Pointless Metaphors (Fines and Offences)) Regulations
Unfair Discrimination Bill
The Unfair Discrimination (Size of Nose) Regulations
The Unfair Discrimination (Pitch of Voice in Artistic Performance) Regulations
The Offensive Words (Public Transport) Prohibition Bill[1]
Any you would add?